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CX-CC6050L precision laser cutting machine
High-speed laser processing for the eyewear industry
With repeat positioning accuracy up to 0.005mm
Efficient cutting can increase 25% efficiency compared to traditional machine tools
No mold required, no post-processing, precision processing for eyewear

Product Introduction


In the past, the eyewear industry mainly used molds to make eyeglass frames. Different styles required different molds, resulting in high costs and low efficiency. Precision laser cutting machines can flexibly design shapes on sheet materials with fast speeds, high precision, one-time molding and no post-processing. They are ten times faster than traditional cutting equipment, greatly improving processing efficiency. Visible layout saves materials with tight adhesion.
Technologically, compared with traditional transmission methods, the "direct drive" mode of linear motors has higher dynamic characteristics, control precision, operating speed, acceleration, service life and lower vibration, noise and wear. This equipment is mainly used for high-speed laser processing in the eyewear industry. With repeat positioning accuracy up to 0.005m and efficient cutting, it can increase efficiency by 25% compared with traditional machine tools. It is the preferred choice for precision processing of eyewear!


  •  Cut any shape without molds. To develop new eyewear styles, just display the design in the software. It is suitable for the production of multiple styles and customized models.
  •  One-time molding without subsequent processing, more than 10 times faster than traditional cutting.
  •  Save materials. The control software has visible layout and tight adhesion to save materials.
  •  Advanced technology can increase the speed of new product development for eyewear manufacturers and quickly recover equipment investment costs.

Presentation of processed samples

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