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High precision laser cutting machine CX-CC13580L​​​​​​​
The CX-CC13580L precision laser cutting machine is mainly aimed at the core industry of new energy motors. It has a wider cutting width and a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01mm, which improves efficiency by 60% over traditional machine tools. It is the choice for precision processing of thin metal plates/motor cores! 
The operating software is powerful and can output engraving, cutting, micro-perforation and other working methods on the workpiece at the same time.

Product Introduction


The precision laser cutting machine industry continues to place higher demands on cutting quality and cutting efficiency. CX-CC series linear motor driven laser cutting machines from Chuangheng Laser came into being in response to this need!
This equipment is mainly used for high-speed and high-precision laser processing of metal sheets. It has a repeat positioning accuracy of up to 0.01mm. The efficient cutting efficiency is more than 25% higher than that of traditional machine tools. It is the first choice for precision processing of sheet metal!


  • Adopt dragon door structure, closed-loop system, high-speed linear motor platform, higher processing speed and accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy up to 0.01MM.
  • The machine body adopts an integral welding structure, matched with a marble worktable, to ensure the accuracy, reliability and stability of the equipment under high-speed operation.
  • Non-contact processing, small stress deformation, optional dual-station operation mode, higher processing efficiency.
  • Customized cutting head and superior optical mode effectively ensure the processing effect of cutting workpieces.
  • Special laser cutting system, real-time feedback on software interface, timely understanding of processing status, fundamental guarantee to effectively save materials and improve cutting efficiency.
  • The equipment is equipped with a centralized lubrication system for easy maintenance of transmission parts and increased equipment service life.

Product Configuration

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