CH Laser Hairpin Motor Solution

Laser Processing Solution for Hairpin Motor Manufacturing

CH Laser, a leading precision laser machines manufacturer, offers precision solutions for hairpin electric motor production. Our advanced hairpin laser welding and laser ablating technology ensures high-performance hairpin stators for your electric motors.

Hairpin Motor: Revolutionizing the Industry

The hairpin electric motor, featuring hairpin-shaped copper wires in its stator winding, is transforming traditional motor technology. This design results in a compact, efficient, and robust motor with superior thermal performance, higher power density, and reduced resistive losses.

Key benefits include increased slot fill, reduced copper usage, and improved efficiency. Thinner laminations lower noise and vibration, while the hairpin winding technique ensures uniform magnetic force distribution and reduced torque ripple. Enhanced heat dissipation extends motor lifespan and reliability.

Ideal for electric vehicles, industrial machinery, and renewable energy systems, the hairpin motor offers high performance and reliability. Its advanced hairpin welding and winding techniques are set to revolutionize the electric motor industry.

Fiber Laser Plays a Critical Role in Hairpin Motor Manufacturing

The production of hairpin motors involves several critical steps, and the key challenges so far, including wire forming, insulation stripping, and welding. These processes require meticulous attention to detail and precision to ensure the motor's performance and longevity.
Fiber laser technology is instrumental in addressing these manufacturing challenges, for its high precision, high efficiency, and no-contact process.

Introducing CH Laser Advanced Fiber Laser Processing Solution for Hairpin Motors

At CH Laser, we specialize in cutting-edge laser processing solutions for hairpin motor production and manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art hairpin motor laser paint stripping and laser welding machines are designed to meet the highest standards of precision and efficiency. You can achieve superior quality and performance, setting your products apart in the competitive market.
Contact an electric motor expert to learn more about how CH Laser solutions can optimize your electric hairpin motor production.

CH Laser Flat Wire Insulation Laser Ablating Workstation

Our laser ablating workstation is designed with the latest technology to provide unparalleled performance. By controlling the galvo mirrors, the high-energy laser is focused on specific areas of the workpiece, causing the surface material to vaporize or change color. This ablates the insulation layer without damaging the copper wire itself.
Key Features:
  • Non-contact processing that does not damage the substrate
  • Laser precision paint stripping
  • Clean paint removal with no residue
  • Efficiency increased by 80%

Advantages of Laser Ablation Solutions for EV Hairpin Applications

Laser paint stripping, also known as laser ablation, uses a focused laser beam to remove insulation coatings from wires without damaging the underlying material. This non-contact method ensures clean, precise, and repeatable results, making it ideal for the delicate requirements of e-drive hairpin motors.
Comparing laser ablating and punch decoating, it is clear that punch decoating results in loss of part of the copper layer, which leads to a smaller cross-sectional area.
Paint Stripping Effect Comparison

Machine Specifications

Model: CX-CX3AX300
Laser power: 100W/200W/300W/500W, 3 torches at 120° 
Applicable ablation material: PAI, PI, PEEK, PEI, PAI+FEP
Working area: 100mm*100mm
Regular cooper wire size: 3.6mm*1.7mm
Optional ablation length: 30mm
Ablation thickness: 0.06-0.11mm
Ablating speed: 90m㎡/S
Continuous working time: ≥20H
Cooling system: w/ air cooler or water chiller
Processing accuracy: ±0.01mm
Protective: Fully closure cover
Power Supply: As per request
Production cycle time at applied scenario: wire size 3.6*1.7mm,
ablation length 30mm & thickness 0.075mm: 1.8 s

CH Laser Hairpin Welding Solution

Our Busbar Laser Welding Machine is engineered to meet the specific needs of hairpin motor welding.
This workstation can weld copper, nickel, steel sheets and other materials with thicknesses less than 5mm. The welding method is penetration welding, and the welding path can be programmed, such as square, rounded square, circular, elliptical, W-shaped, S-shaped, spiral trajectories, etc.
Key Features:
  • Modern Visual Deep Learning Algorithms
  • 3D Scanning Cameras
  • 6000W Fiber Laser Source
  • Customized Busbar and Flat Wire Welding Workstation
  • Laser Oscillating Welding Torches
  • Sheet Metal Protective Closure

Advantages of Laser Welding Solutions for EV Hairpin Applications

Hairpin welding poses the biggest challenge in hairpin motor production. Various techniques exist for hairpin motors welding, including TIG, CMT, laser welding, and more.

Fiber laser welding is ideal for hairpin motor production, where the quality of the weld directly impacts the motor's performance and longevity. Laser welding offers several advantages, including minimal heat distortion, high-speed processing, and superior weld quality.

Machine Specifications

Model: CX-CE4AI6000R
Laser power: 6000W(100um) / 8000W(50/150um)
Applicable hair-pin layers: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10
Applicable hairpin slots number: 36 / 48 / 60 / 72 / 96
Working area: 200mm*200mm
Welding stroke: Φ 90-450m, H: 50-400mm
Wire diameter range: 0.8-5.6mm*2-16mm
Weld speed: 140ms per joint w/ laser caliper of 3.5*1.5mm
Continuous working time: ≥20H
Cooling system: w/ water chiller
Visual system: 2D for positioning, 3D for inspection
Protective: Fully closure cover
Power Supply: As per request
Production cycle time at applied scenario: wire size 3.6*1.7mm,
128 weld joints: 85 s

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