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Hairpin E-motor is significantly transforming the industry
The hairpin electric motor is a cutting-edge technology that has been developed to address the limitations of traditional electric motors. It utilizes a unique stator winding configuration that features hairpin-shaped copper wires, which are pre-formed and inserted into slots in the stator core. This design creates a more compact, efficient, and robust motor with enhanced thermal performance, higher power density, and lower resistive losses.

The hairpin e-motor's construction allows for increased slot fill, reducing the need for additional copper and improving efficiency, while also enabling the use of thinner laminations, which helps to reduce noise and vibration levels. The hairpin winding technique offers better control over the shape and size of the conductors, resulting in a more uniform distribution of magnetic forces and reduced torque ripple. Additionally, the hairpin e-motor's design enables better heat dissipation, due to its increased surface area, leading to longer lifespan and greater reliability.

Its benefits make it an ideal choice for various applications, including electric vehicles, industrial machinery, and renewable energy systems. Its high performance, lightweight, and reliability have made it increasingly popular in the automotive industry, where it is being used to power electric vehicles with greater efficiency and range. The hairpin electric motor has become a groundbreaking technology that promises to transform the electric motor industry, offering a wide range of advantages over traditional motors.
The Advantage of
Prototyping Solutions
for Hair-pin Motor
* Provides more precise and faster results than mechanical stripping processes
* Intelligent sensor systems ensure precise seams and top quality when                   welding hairpins
* Greater precision and accuracy results in higher quality products and better         overall performance of e-drive motors
* This process allows for the creation of complex hairpin shapes, which are             crucial for efficient e-drive motor performance
* High level of reproducibility of laser ablating and welding processes, can               achieve consistently high-tensile connections with a good level of                           conductivity   and in high quantities as well
Less waste material
Compared to traditional uncoating methods, such as mechanical stripping or chemical etching, laser uncoating offers several advantages. For example, it produces less waste material, requires no solvents or chemicals, and can be easily automated for high-volume production.

Greater precision and control
Laser uncoating enables greater precision and control over the uncoating process, reducing the risk of damage to the underlying wire. This can result in improved product quality and reliability, particularly in applications where electrical conductivity and signal integrity are critical.
Highly precise and efficient
It offers a highly precise and efficient method for joining hairpin-shaped copper bars. Laser welding can be used to create strong, high-quality welds with minimal heat input, ensuring that the conductive properties of the copper are not damaged during the welding process.

Less distortion and easier automated
Compared to traditional welding methods, such as resistance or TIG welding, laser welding offers several advantages. For example, it produces less distortion and requires no filler material, resulting in cleaner, stronger welds. Additionally, laser welding can be easily automated for high-volume production, improving efficiency and reducing labor costs.
Busbar Laser Welding Machine
3D visual capture
Trusted by Our Partner in E-drive Motor R&D Worldwide
Model: CX-CX3AX300
Laser power: 100W/200W/300W/500W, 3 torches at 120° Applicable ablation material: PAI, PI, PEEK, PEI, PAI+FEP
Working area: 100mm*100mm
Regular cooper wire size: 3.6mm*1.7mm
Optional ablation length: 30mm
Ablation thickness: 0.06-0.11mm
Ablating speed: 90m㎡/S
Continuous working time: ≥20H
Cooling system: w/ air cooler or water chiller
Processing accuracy: ±0.01mm
Protective: Fully closure cover
Power Supply: As per request
Production cycle time at applied scenario: wire size 3.6*1.7mm,
ablation length 30mm & thickness 0.075mm: 1.8 s

Model: CX-CE4AI6000R
Laser power: 6000W(100um) / 8000W(50/150um)
Applicable hair-pin layers: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10
Applicable hairpin slots number: 36 / 48 / 60 / 72 / 96
Working area: 200mm*200mm
Welding stroke: Φ 90-450m, H: 50-400mm
Wire diameter range: 0.8-5.6mm*2-16mm
Weld speed: 140ms per joint w/ laser caliper of 3.5*1.5mm
Continuous working time: ≥20H
Cooling system: w/ water chiller
Visual system: 2D for positioning, 3D for inspection
Protective: Fully closure cover
Power Supply: As per request
Production cycle time at applied scenario: wire size 3.6*1.7mm,
128 weld joints: 85 s
Stator Core Sample Done with Laser Cutting and Welding
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