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CX-CE Laser welding machine for stator core
Rapid prototyping
Stator outer diameter welding
Outer diameter <250mm
Max Thickness: 200mm

Product Introduction


Laser penetration welding is one of the important aspects of motor core processing technology applications. The emergence of high-power full-optical devices has opened up new fields for laser welding. Deep and slow welding based on the small hole effect theory has been widely used in machinery, automobiles, steel and other industries.
The motor core laser welding workstation consists of a high-power continuous fiber laser, a control system, a water cooling system, etc. This workstation has good openness and performance upgrade space. It can complete the medium and small welding of various motor cores and laser welding of other components.


  • Ultra-high efficiency: Fiber laser welding, the welding speed is 6 times that of argon arc welding.
  • Flexible customization: Quick docking can customize welding fixtures according to product differences, quickly dock with customer production lines, and improve product consistency.
  • Beautiful weld: Ensure product performance, weld width can reach 1-3MM, depth 0.5-1.5MM, can ensure tensile strength, can also maximize the performance of the core.
  •  Human-machine interaction: Simple operation. Workers can perform welding operations after basic training. Novices can also weld beautiful welds.
  •  Low operating cost: Low equipment operating cost, less consumables, simple daily maintenance, reduce downtime and debugging costs.

Presentation of processed samples

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