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Application industry: E-motor stator & rotor core laminations 
Processing accuracy: 0.01 mm
Max cutting speed: 60 m / min
Procssing range: 595 mm * 595 mm
Continuous working time: > 24 hours
User-friendly interface, Low Maintenance, Energy Efficiency
Equipment Introduction
CHlaser CX-CC series precision laser cutting machines are well-known for high level cutting quality, precision and efficiency. This equipment is mainly developed to cut electric steel laminations that will be used for producing EV motors, which has very high standard on cutting precision. CX-CC 6060L can achieve repeat positioning accuracy of up to 0.01mm. The efficient cutting efficiency is 25% higher than that of traditional machine tools. It is the first choice for precision processing of sheet metal!
• Gantry structure is applied to achieve very high processing speed and accuracy, with repeat positioning accuracy up to 0.01MM
• The software is a closed loop control system that the cutting process can be made automatically without manual intervention. 
• Non-contact processing, small stress deformation, optional dual-station operation mode, higher processing efficiency.
• A marble worktable is used to ensure the accuracy, reliability and stability of the equipment under high-speed operation. 
• Customized laser sources and torches are equipped based on clients' demand to ensure all the processing requirement are fulfilled. 
• Special laser cutting system, real-time feedback on software interface, which help operators to avoid materials waste and improve cutting efficiency.
Comparison of Different Processing for Stator Core
  • Ningbo Hongda Motor Die Co., Ltd.
    We (Hongda) have been early adopters of laser cutting technology, and it's evident that laser cutting surpasses traditional cutting methods in both efficiency and precision. It's undoubtedly the future trend. Especially for motor prototypes, we can proceed immediately by importing...
  • Zhisen Life Appliance Technology Co., Ltd.
    In light of recent government policies driving the rapid growth of the new energy industry, many automobile and electric motor manufacturers have increased their investment in high-efficiency motor R&D. However, they've encountered common challenges in the R&D process...
Warranty and Service
Quality Assurance
To ensure the quality of our products, CH Laser takes a proactive approach right from the beginning. We use top-notch fiber laser sources for the core components of our products. These laser source are known for their longevity, with a remarkable lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, making our products virtually maintenance-free. What's more, we make a promise to our customers – we're here to provide lifelong quality maintenance and support.
Life-long Maintenance
Throughout the equipment manufacturing process, we employ stringent quality control procedures. Prior to leaving the factory, each unit is subjected to a rigorous 48-hour endurance test. Furthermore, our products undergo precision inspections using Renishaw laser interferometers to verify their accuracy, and detailed reports are issued to confirm their quality.
Global Brand, Quick Response
CH Laser is proud to have a highly skilled after-sales service team, with an average team member experience of over 5 years. Their exceptional technical knowledge and dedication to providing top-notch service have garnered the trust and admiration of our customers. Our team is committed to responding to customer issues within an average of 2 working hours, effectively reducing any potential disruptions caused by equipment malfunctions and ensuring a seamless workflow for our valued clients.
Presentetion of procesed samples

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