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New challenges mean broader possibilities for the future
The worldwide mobility transition is in full swing. The demand for components of electric cars and alternative drives is rising continually. Particularly high-performance components directly involved in the production of batteries, electric motors and power electronics for electromobility are at the center. More and more companies, predominately automotive suppliers, are also demanding new manufacturing solutions and technologies for alternative drive concepts, including the the fuel cell and hair-pin eelectric motor. CHlaser provides in-depth advice to its customers and facilitates new procedures.

One of the core drive components is the electric motor. Our highly integrated and scalable stator core and busbar copper welding automation line are already in mass production of China E-dirve companies and play a decisive role in the quality of the contacting, thereby achieving the maximum possible range for the vehicle. Electrified drives have the advantage that the torque is available almost immediately. However, this does mean that the drive components must be able to withstand higher dynamic demands. For this reason, laser processes for high-tensile materials are an absolute must during production. CHlaser advises its customers on planned applications of all drive components and checks concrete application cases. Our lasers offer the precision and productivity required – even for high quantities. No matter which assembly it is – a differential, hairpin, busbar, stator core or its housing, rotor – laser processing makes the more compact design of electric drives possible in the first place.
The Advantage of
Auto-Production Line
for Stator Core
* One-stop welding is a fully automated production process that boosting                efficiency and quality
* Automation reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies that can occur in          manual welding and inspection processes.
* Greater precision and accuracy results in higher quality products and better          overall performance of e-drive motors.
* System is versatility which can be customized to meet specific production              needs, allowing for flexibility in the manufacturing process.
* The system can provide real-time monitoring and analysis of production data     which helps to optimize the manufacturing process and improve product             quality.
Reduced Heat Input
Laser welding uses a concentrated heat source, resulting in less heat input to the stator core compared to traditional welding methods such as resistance welding or arc welding. This reduces the risk of thermal distortion and damage to the core laminations, resulting in a higher quality product.

Improved Joining Strength
Laser welding produces a strong and reliable weld joint with excellent mechanical properties, such as high tensile and shear strength. The narrow and precise weld seam also minimizes stress concentrations, further improving the structural integrity of the stator core.
Minimized material damage
Laser welding generates minimal spatter or debris, reducing the risk of damage to the delicate lamination surfaces and minimizing the need for subsequent cleaning or finishing operations. This results in less waste and improved production efficiency.

Enhanced automation
Laser welding lines of stator core integrated with complete assembly line which can achieve higher levels of flexibility, productivity, quality and smart manufacturing capabilities for e-motor production. The goal is end-to-end automated precision welding.
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Stator Core Sample Done with Laser Cutting and Welding
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