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Multi-axis modular welding machine
1. Non-contact welding, multi-angle fully automated welding;
2. Local rapid heating, small melting zone, reduce workpiece deformation;
3. Laser diode as welding heat source, stable welding quality;
4. No need to replace the heater parts during continuous operation, improve welding efficiency;
5. Welding for mass production;
6. Intelligent control system, intelligent welding process, can be equiped to various production lines;

Product Introduction


The Chuangheng multi-axis laser welding machine is mainly used for multi-angle fully automated welding of irregular parts and complex parts. For parts that are difficult to weld with traditional welding, flexible non-contact welding transmission can be realized. The welding programming adopts trajectory programming, which is simple to operate. The welding process is automated and the welding program can be modified. The CCD monitoring system monitors the welding trajectory, X/Y/Z worktable, rotary worktable and automated special fixtures for different parts lively. Complete processing solutions are provided.


  • Chuangheng customized laser welding torches can realize spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, sealing welding and other welding + aiming combinations for thin-walled materials and precision parts. Visual CCD acquisition and integrated infrared sensors enable visual precision positioning.
  • High positioning accuracy, sensitive response, shockproof design; no manual movement of products is required. In combination with laser welding torches, multi-angle and fully automated welding can be performed with high stability and high reliability for 24 hours of continuous operation.
  • High-definition CCD visual monitoring monitors the complete welding process trajectory lively. Visual operation, automatic positioning meets the requirements of fully automatic or online processing of high-precision components and reduces manual interference.

Presentation of processed samples

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