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valve core laser welding workstation

High speed laser welding
High precision 

Product Introduction


To achieve welding of two different shaped items, the items to be welded are as shown in Figures 1 and 2. Welding time for a single sample: 7-8 minutes / PC. Process requirements: weld seam width 1-2mm. After welding, the product requires pressure holding for 5 seconds without leakage under 20KG pressure. Assembly requirements: after assembling the two products, there are 5 to 6 wires. (Requirements and processes can be customized).



Chuangheng Laser designed the "Valve Core Workstation" to provide an integrated solution for welding this product. The valve bottom is fed on the vibrating disk, and the valve body turntable is placed into the feeding mechanism to automatically enter the pre-assembly station. The pre-assembled valve bottom and valve body (hereinafter referred to as valve parts) enter the height detection station before welding. Qualified parts enter the pressure welding station. After completing the height and seal test after welding, they are classified and output.

Presentation of processed samples

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