• Redefine Reliability and Precision with Fiber Laser Equipment

    Precision laser processing equipments are becoming increasingly connected and integrated with Industry 4.0 principles.

Fiber lasers are widely used for precision metal processing applications because of their high beam quality, power capabilities, and reliability compared to other laser types.

- Cutting - Fiber lasers can cut sheet metal and plates up to 25 mm thickness with          excellent edge quality and tight tolerances. Used for high-mix, low-volume cutting of parts in automation.
- Welding - Keyhole welding of thin metals down to 0.5 mm thickness. Allows rapid lap and fillet welds for automotive bodies, battery tabs, motor or generator parts.
- Surface Treatment - Laser shock peening, ablation, and texturing to modify surface properties like fatigue strength, wear/corrosion resistance, light absorption, etc.
- Marking - Produces clear, permanent marks for traceability and branding on metal components and tools.
- Engraving - Etching of fine patterns, textures and decorative effects on metal surfaces.

It has a wider cutting width and a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.005mm, which improves efficiency by 60% over traditional machine tools. It is the choice for precision processing...
Laser cutting maximizes the performance of electric steel components while minimizing fabrication time and costs compared to conventional mechanical cutting methods...
In the past, the eyewear industry mainly used molds to make eyeglass frames. Different styles required different molds, resulting in high costs and low efficiency. Precision laser cutting...
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