Motor Core Laser Welding Auto Production Line

EV Motor Stator Core Laser Welding Auto-Production Line


  • The CH Laser Weld MI3000S auto-production line is designed to enable rapid mass production of EV motor stator cores, addressing the challenges of slow production rates and inconsistent quality in mass production.

Advantages of CH Laser EV Motor Core Laser Welding Production Line

Our laser welding automatic production line is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern electric motor production. Here's how it elevates your manufacturing process.
Highly Automated Production Process
The production line is fully automated, integrating pressure shaping, laser welding, quality inspection, and laser marking processes, which streamline the production of stator cores.
Burr-Free Laser Welding Technology
This new laser galvanometer welding technique is supported by CH Laser's 26 years of foundational experience in laser industry.
Highly Adaptable and Expandable
Capable of producing various product specifications by switching tooling modules.
Comprehensive Quality Inspection
High-precision sensors and advanced image recognition technology are used to promptly detect and record data during production, ensuring the stability and reliability of product quality.
MES Management
Supports integrating with customer management systems for Manufacturing Executive System (MES) management
Rapid Welding & Maximizing Performance
More than six times faster than that of argon arc welding. The weld can be 1-3 mm wide and 0.5-1.5 mm deep, ensuring tensile strength and maximizing performance of stator cores.
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The Layout of Our Motor Core Laser Welding Auto-Production Line

Check the Entire Automated Process of Electric Motor Stator Core Laser Welding

This Video Takes You Through the EV Motor Cores Laser Welding Process



Honor & Certificates

We hold several prestigious certifications, including ISO9001, FDA Certificate, and Intellectual Property Management Standardization. With over 70 certificates and patents covering laser cutting, marking, welding machines, and core photonic components, our extensive portfolio highlights our industry leadership and reliability in laser technology.

Satisfied Clients, Including

Warranty & Service

Quality Assurance
To ensure the quality of our products, CH Laser takes a proactive approach right from the beginning. We use top-notch fiber laser sources for the core components of our products.
Lifetime Maintenance
We offer a comprehensive lifetime maintenance program. Our cutting-edge laser machines are designed to operate with minimal maintenance, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core production tasks.
Rapid Response
CH Laser boasts a highly skilled and dedicated after-sales service team. The exceptional technical expertise and commitment to excellence have earned the trust and respect of our clients.

Looking for Rapid Mass Production of EV Motor Stator Cores

CH Laser is committed to providing high-quality, efficient automated production lines for e-motor manufacturers, with the goals of reducing production costs, labor costs, improving manufacturing techniques, and increasing manufacturing efficiency, in order to aid the development of e-motor industry! Contact us today!
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