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We (Hongda) have been early adopters of laser cutting technology, and it's evident that laser cutting surpasses traditional cutting methods in both efficiency and precision. It's undoubtedly the future trend. Especially for motor prototypes, we can proceed immediately by importing the drawing. Laser cutting offers fast cutting speeds, minimal error, smooth cutting surfaces, and the advantage of direct laminating and welding. It can also cut self-adhesive materials directly. Based on our calculations, for the same non-standard iron core, it would take 7 days using traditional methods, but with laser cutting, it can be completed in just one day, with even higher precision. But in the beginning, most of the equipment we was from oversea manufacturers, and it came with a hefty price tag of up to 1 million euros, which was prohibitively expensive. When we explored domestic laser manufacturers, we found that many of them couldn't meet our precision requirements. We got in touch with CH Laser through industry recommendations. At that time, we conducted a rigorous evaluation, and during the testing phase, we observed that the speed and precision of the product cutting met our requirements. At that time, we promptly placed an order to purchase 3 of CH Laser's CX-CC6060L precision cutting machines. Subsequently, to meet our growing production needs, we acquired 7 more machines. Currently, we have a total of 10 CH Laser CX-CC6060L precision cutting machines in our facility. This has greatly boosted our market competitiveness, enabling us to provide customers with quotes within just 1 hour and deliver non-standard samples in as little as 24 hours. What we appreciate the most is the service provided by CH Laser. Right from the moment the machines were delivered, through installation and commissioning, CH Laser has shown a remarkable commitment to perfection in every aspect. This has been highly satisfying.

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