Motor Core Lamination Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Motor Stator & Rotor Core Laminations

CH Laser specializes in E-motor cores rapid prototyping based on drawings.
Our prototype lamination stacks services include precision laser cutting, and motor lamination welding. We guarantee you rapid prototyping and high stability during the trial production stage.

Our Expertise in Motor Core Lamination Stacks

Prototyping Service

We understand the importance of rapid iteration in the design and development of electric motors. That's why we offer a comprehensive rapid prototyping service for motor core laminations, enabling you to quickly evaluate and refine your designs before committing to full production.
MOQ 1 Set, and enjoy a free sample
Mold-free, saving up to 70% on your prototyping costs
Exceptional cutting precision of ±0.01mm
Rapid prototyping turnaround time within 48 hours
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Prototype Motor Core Laminations

CH Laser has developed cutting-edge techniques to support the rapid prototyping of lamination stacks for electric motor's stator and rotor cores. Our team specialize in precision laser cutting and laser welding to create custom motor core lamination stacks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Laser Cutting Motor Core Laminations

 Rapid Prototyping: Our fiber laser cutting service provides a fast and efficient way to produce prototype motor core laminations, allowing you to quickly evaluate and refine your designs.
 Undefined Precision and Accuracy: CX-CC6060L laser cutting machine ensures precise shapes and dimensions, minimizing material waste and ensuring optimal performance.
 Burr-Free Edges: Laser cutting produces smooth, burr-free edges, eliminating the need for additional finishing processes.

Motor Core Lamination Laser Welding

 High-Quality Welds: Laser welding produces high-quality welds with minimal heat distortion, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
Precise Control: Laser welding offers precise control over the welding process, minimizing the heat-affected zone and reducing workpiece deformation.
 Efficiency and Speed: Laser welding is a fast and efficient process, reducing production time and costs.

Take a Look at Our Motor Core Lamination Processing!

Machines & Specifications

Laser Source: Raycus / IPG
Dimension(L*W*H): 1900mm*1550mm*1830mm
Output Power: 500W-3000W
Laser wavelength: 1080±5nm
Repetition position accuracy: ±0.01mm
Processing accuracy: ±0.01mm
The Max acceleration: 0.6G
Max cutting speed: 60m/min
Continuous working time: ≥24H
Processing area: 595mm*595mm
Working environment: 0-40℃, Humidity≤90%
Protective: Fully closure cover
Power adjust range(%): 10%-100%
Power Supply: As per request
Laser source: Raycus 2000W, w/ 2 torches
Electrical Pump: Lind 5T
Laser wavelength: 1070-1080nm
Pulse width: 0.05-0.6ms
Frequency adjust range: 500-5000Hz
Output power instability: ≤±2%
Output beam length: 15M
Applicable sheet metal parameter:
OD φ50-φ450mm, ID φ35-φ300mm, thickness 30-400mm
Weld penetration: ≤3mm
Weld width: ≤3mm
Weld speed: 6-12mm/S
Working environment: 10-40℃, Humidity≤95%
Power adjust range(%): 10%-100%
Power Supply: As per request


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Motor Core Prototyping Needs in 3 Steps

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Select the material, quantity, and sheet thickness that best suits your project.
 Step 2: Upload Your Design
If you have a technical drawing, simply upload it to our server.
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Custom Solutions & Privacy

Your Materials, Your Choice
We're happy to work with materials you provide or source the right materials for your project. Material test certificates are available upon request.
No CAD Data?
No Problem! Let us handle the data creation for you! Simply send us a drawing or the geometric data of your laser part, and our experts will be in touch.
Your Privacy, Our Top Priority
We take data security seriously. If you require a non-disclosure agreement, you can download our template here. We're also happy to review your existing non-disclosure agreement.

Honor & Certificates

We hold several prestigious certifications, including ISO9001, FDA Certificate, and Intellectual Property Management Standardization. With over 70 certificates and patents covering laser cutting, marking, welding machines, and core photonic components, our extensive portfolio highlights our industry leadership and reliability in laser technology.

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