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In light of recent government policies driving the rapid growth of the new energy industry, many automobile and electric motor manufacturers have increased their investment in high-efficiency motor R&D. However, they've encountered common challenges in the R&D process, such as extended lead times, slow production speeds, and low precision. These challenges necessitated solutions from enterprises capable of swiftly prototyping non-standard stator and rotor components. Our (Zhisen) decision to procure equipment from CH Laser was driven by the company's unique ability to address the shortcomings of traditional manufacturing methods. Traditional methods suffered from extended processing times and limited precision, which affected the efficiency of our R&D efforts. CH Laser offered a solution through their precision laser cutting machine designed specifically for stator and rotor production. This cutting-edge machine boasts high precision and efficiency, enabling a significant reduction in the R&D cycle for new motors, especially when it comes to non-standard stator and rotor prototyping. Traditional methods would typically take around a month to complete this process, but with CH Laser's cutting machine, we can achieve the same results in just 2 or 3 days. The advantages of CH Laser's equipment extend beyond efficiency. Notably, it eliminates oil contamination, ensuring a clean and precise process. As a testament to our satisfaction with their solutions, we have acquired numerous CH Laser CX-CC6060L precision laser cutting machines to date. CH Laser's excellent reputation in the laser cutting industry, their superior precision compared to other options, and their commitment to providing exceptional after-sales service further reinforce our decision to partner with them. In our upcoming mass production initiatives, we are excited to elevate our collaboration with CH Laser to a high-level, strategic partnership. Specifically, as we expand into laser cutting and welding applications, CH Laser equipment will be our first choice if additional machinery is required.

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