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  • Q Can I become a distributor of EM-Smart?

    A You can submit your application here or contact via support@em-smart.com to get distribution details.
  • Q Can I make money with EM-Smart?

    A Definitely! Since personalization and customization of products are in high demand. But it depends on what product or service and how well you can market it of course. But, we have clients that use the EM-Smart machines to create anything from signs to laser engraving services to all types of custom or personalized items.
  • Q For whom is the EM-Smart suitable?

    A As the world′s smallest 20W fiber laser marking machine, the EM-Smart will be most suitable for the customization and personalization of gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, logos, brands, etc. by designers, handicraftsmen, Etsy sellers, Kickstarter entrepreneurs, creative agencies, and small businesses. Of course, it will be also a perfect tool for those who love DIY.
  • Q What good ideas can I create with EM-Smart?

    A That will depend on your imaginations. Barcodes, lipsticks, coins, wine pots, dog tags, jewelry, knives, guns, medals, electronic components, medical equipment, cup, pens, purses, notebooks, tags, forks & knives, gifts, hard wares, key chains, mobile phones, nameplates, toys ... This is an endless list. EM-Smart support marking and engraving all kinds of metal, plastic, leather, slate, coated wood, stone, etc.
  • Q Do you ship overseas? Which countries can the product be shipped to?

    A We can make the shipment to all the countries over the world.
  • Q What certifications and standards has EM-Smart passed?

    A The EM-Smart has passed certifications and standards such CE, RoHS, FDA, SGS, etc.
  • Q What measures has EM-Smart taken to protect the operator?

    A Your safety is always our priority, the EM-Smart comes with a protective shield (need purchase additionally), and a pair of goggles. Also, the machine has motion detection, overheats shutdown, and emergency stop functions for safety purposes. 
  • Q How to set the right parameters (size, speed, power, frequency, etc.)?

    A It may take a bit of trial and error to learn what speed and power settings to use with different materials, but we include a product manual that will help you get familiar with the machine soon.
  • Q How many languages are supported by EM-Smart?

    A It supports fourteen languages: Chinese(both simplified and traditional), English, Japanese and Korean, etc.
  • Q What are the computer requirements for running the EM-Smart? How to connect the computer with the EM-Smart?

    A EM-Smart machines are compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux. They can be connected via a USB cable (a given part).
  • Q What type of power supply is required?

    A EM-Smart is designed with voltage range from 100-240V AC, 50/60hz. Besides, you can also use an outdoor power supply.
  • Q How fast can EM-Smart mark?

    A ≤8000mm/s, for instance, it takes few seconds only to laser mark a logo on a YETI cup. We have a setting sheet available for your test use.
  • Q What laser marking software does EM-Smart use?

    A The EM-Smart uses EZCAD Lite. We will send the software packing with the machine. Besides, you can use LightBurn (license require).
  • Q What formats does EM-Smart support?

    A EM-Smart supports both texts of different fonts and images of different formats including PLT, DXF, SVG, AI, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Q Will EM-Smart laser marking machine come with a computer?


    No. It has to work with your own computer. But EM-Smart will be attached with a flash drive with the laser marking software EZCAD inside. You can easily install and run EZCAD on your laptop or computer.

  • Q What’s the difference between EM-Smart and Cubiio or Laserpecker?


    The Cubiio or Laserpecker are equipped with 3W or 5W laser source while EM-Smart with 20W, which means EM-Smart will be able to mark much faster, deeper with higher precision.

  • Q Can I make colorful laser markings with EM-Smart laser marking machine?


    Sure. You can use our EM-Smart MOPA models to do color marking on metals like anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

  • Q It that easy for me to use it as a fresh man?


    EM-Smart is quite easy to use. Usually, it takes some minutes only to get the machine out of the box, plug it in, set it up, and finish the first marking!

  • Q When will you begin the delivery?


    We usually dispatch within 24hours after payment.

  • Q What is the estimated lifespan of EM-Smart?


    100,000 hours for the fiber laser source (core parts). The whole machine will work for 5-10 years.

  • Q What is the power of your machine?


    The power of EM-Smart's laser sources ranges from 18w to 50w.

  • Q Are you a trading company or the manufacturer?


    We are the manufacturer. CDI team has designed and manufactured the EM-Smart laser marking machines. We have a 10,000㎡ factory and 25 years of laser industry experience, committed to research and development of commercial laser equipment.

  • Q What materials can EM-Smart mark?


    EM-Smart can laser mark on metals (Gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc.), plastics (ABS, PP, etc.), leathers, slates, stones, coated wood, except logs and glass.

  • Q Does EM-Smart offer a warranty?


    We provide a 2 years’ warranty for the EM-Smart laser marking machine and the core components.

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