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CX-CC3015FC Full closure laser cutting machine
Dual drive, high precision, rapid response, smooth movement, minor thermal deformation during cutting
Narrow cut seam, smooth cut surface, excellent cut quality, fast speed, noise reduced

Product Introduction


CX-CC3015 is an internationally advanced CNC laser cutting machine that our company has assembled domestically based on a full set of foreign technology. It has an extremely stable and reliable performance.More than 90% of its main components are sourced from domestic and foreign professional manufacturers. All core components such as laser generators, cutting heads, CNC drive systems, and automatic nesting programming software are from domestic and foreign professional suppliers.

Product characteristics: 

• Dual drives with high precision and high responsiveness. Motion is smooth and cutting deformation is small. 

• Narrow kerf and smooth cutting surface. High cutting quality. 

• High speed and low noise. Pollution-free. No secondary processing needed. Does not damage the workpiece. 

• Unaffected by the hardness of the material being cut. Saves materials and mold investment. 

• Can speed up the development of new products. Easy to achieve automatic cutting.


  • The equipment has an enclosed design that meets the European CE standards for safe and reliable processing.
  • The gantry structure machine tool with movable design can maintain good stability and safety for a long time.
  • To meet the requirements of high-speed movement, the machine body is reinforced welding type and double tempering treatment to ensure the long-term accuracy and stability of the machine tool.
  • The machine tool adopts high-torque servo motors and drivers from Japan with high precision, large torque and stable and reliable performance.

Presentation of processed samples

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