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CX-CC6060 full-closure Laser cutting machine
Marble gantry structure to prevent vibration, more suitable for high speed movement, better stability
Dual-station work mode for higher processing efficiency
The guide rail installation and commissioning are tested using precision level instruments with accuracy less than 0.015mm.
Professional precision cutting of thin metal plates, fast cutting speed, can process any designed graphics

Product Introduction


The CX-CC6060 CNC laser cutting machine adopts a high-performance aluminum gantry system for professional precision cutting of thin metal plates. It has fast cutting speed and can process any designed graphics. The equipment uses a high-performance aluminum gantry with an advanced and reliable design. All key components of the equipment adopt professional brand products from international and domestic companies, with good system rigidity, high precision, high durability, high reliability and low energy consumption.
The overall layout of the machine tool is compact and reasonable, with a small footprint. In addition to meeting the cutting requirements of general carbon steel plates, it can also cut stainless steel plates, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, gold, silver and other metal materials.


  •  The marble gantry structure effectively prevents vibration, is more suitable for high-speed movement, and has better stability.
  •  Dual-station work mode for higher processing efficiency.
  •  The whole machine optical path is fiber conduction. The external optical path requires no maintenance and the consumable parts have little loss.
  •  The main bed adopts a welded structure, which is precisely machined after annealing to eliminate internal stress, greatly improving the rigidity and stability of the equipment.
  •  The guide rail installation and commissioning are tested using precision level instruments with accuracy less than 0.015mm.
  •  High-end nesting software can maximize material utilization. It has unique functions in hole processing, sharper corner handling, etc.

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