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CHLaser's Extraordinary Partners, Deeply Bonded Comrades - Zhejiang Shiri

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Recently, 9 sets of CHLaser's new energy motor stator laser welding automated production lines were officially put into operation at the customer's site. The customer, Zhejiang Shiri Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise and one of the science and technology-based enterprises in Zhejiang Province, possessing strong manufacturing capabilities
Since 2019, Shiri Precision and CHLaser have maintained a comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation for a period of 4 years. General Wu of Shiri Precision commented that CHLaser is not only an extraordinarily capable supplier partner but also a highly trusted and deeply bonded 'old comrade' for Shiri Precision.
Innovation----Zhejiang Shiri Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd
Shiri Precision is located in Taizhou, a coastal city in Zhejiang Province. The company covers an area of 28,000 square meters with a factory area of 13,800 square meters. The monthly shipment volume of iron cores for new energy motor stator rotors is in the hundreds of thousands of sets, providing professional supporting services to numerous large domestic and international motor and electrical manufacturers. They are a core supplier for BYD and a globally renowned iron core supplier for automotive motors.
Shiri Precision has 6 major series of iron core products, including new energy motor cores, automotive generator cores, automotive steering cores, start-stop motor cores, servo motor cores, and elevator traction machine cores, totaling over 200 varieties. Through independent research and development, they have developed a complete set of processes, equipment, and products with core intellectual property rights. Currently, they have obtained 8 inventions and more than 50 patented authorizations. As a globally leading comprehensive solution provider for precision motor iron cores, Shiri Precision has had a close collaboration with CHLaser for over 4 years, and the number of collaborative equipment and production lines has increased each year.
Since 2019, Shiri Precision's new energy iron core business has continued to grow at a rapid pace, and customer demands for product manufacturing processes have been consistently increasing. The shortcomings of traditional processes have become more apparent in actual production. CHLaser's Customer Department quickly recognized that Shiri Precision, a well-known local high-tech enterprise specializing in motor iron core solutions in Zhejiang, not only possesses very strong core production technology and professional teams in mechanical, electrical, new materials, and enterprise management but also desires to strengthen collaboration with integrated laser equipment suppliers capable of constructing automated, convenient, and efficient laser intelligent production lines. CHLaser's automation solutions for new energy motor stator laser welding align perfectly with Shiri Precision's manufacturing requirements in terms of production processes and efficiency.
With strong support from CHLaser's New Energy Electric Drive major project team, both CHLaser and Shiri Precision engaged in intensive communication and collaboration between their business and technical teams. They gradually defined the technical solutions, implementation paths, and collaborative processes, ultimately achieving a one-stop solution for laser welding of stator iron cores. Consequently, customers can now automatically complete stator laser welding and laser marking processes through the stator laser welding production line, significantly improving motor welding processes and production efficiency. Additionally, the production line enables inspections for height, flatness, weld imaging, slot foreign object detection, QR code reading, and other processes to ensure product quality.

CHLaser implements the 'Laser + Automation' strategy to fulfill the corporate mission of 'empowering intelligent manufacturing,' providing customers with comprehensive 'Laser + Automation' solutions. This effectively addresses the practical needs of the customers. This successful collaboration serves as an example of CHLaser's application of the 'Laser + Automation' strategy to enhance quality and efficiency for customers.

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