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Laser welding machine for automotive parts
Large weld penetration depth, high strength, small melting zone
Highly automation, easy to control, fast speed 
High welding precision, stable repeatability 
High yield rate
Non-contact processing, no welding auxiliary tools required
The whole machine uses multi-axis welding and can achieve multi-plane trajectory welding​​​​​​​

Product Introduction


The high-power continuous fiber laser series covers products between 1500W and 6000W. It has the advantages of higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better beam quality, higher energy density, wider modulation frequency, high reliability, long service life, maintenance-free operation, etc. Its fiber output characteristics make it easier to integrate with robots as flexible manufacturing equipment to meet the needs of three-dimensional processing.


Sensors, motors, compressors, automotive parts (flywheel discs, clutches, gears, radiators, automotive motors, parts requiring high strength, battery modules (end plates, side plates), power batteries, pressure vessels, kitchen and bathroom, all metal fittings penetration welding ( weld depth <6-6.5mm steel parts, weld depth <5mm aluminum parts) all metal fittings through welding (weld depth 3.5-4mm parts, weld depth ≤2.5mm aluminum parts)

Presentation of processed samples

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