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As leaders in technology, we shape the future. But that future depends on a planet nourished and sustained, so we pledge to minimize environmental harm from our operations through partnership and unrelenting effort. We recognize our duty as citizens sharing a fragile world in common. And today we reaffirm principles of sustainability to safeguard that inheritance.
By 2025, we aim for carbon neutrality. We will reduce emissions by 30%, waste by 50% and water usage by 40% per product sold through efficiency, renewables and greener materials. Any remaining footprint will be offset, and we will develop tools for environmental monitoring and transition to sustainable resources, helping build a greener global economy along the way.
Progress will be reported annually for accountability. We will publish metrics on energy usage, emissions, materials, waste and water as well as timelines/targets to improve rates year over year. We will highlight reduction milestones and any obstacles honestly addressed. And every 3 years, external experts will help revise policies to increase rigor.

Partnership accelerates change. So we aim to collaborate broadly across sectors - with environmental groups, sustainable suppliers/customers, nonprofit organizations, green tech companies, responsible investors and all those transitioning to greener practices. Together, coordinating knowledge and action, we can achieve far more than any one alone. Shared planet, shared solutions - that is our guiding philosophy here.
Renewables will power facilities where possible, and green building standards will govern any new construction. Sustainable sourcing of materials and circular principles will be key considerations in our supply chain and product lifecycles. We will design equipment for durability and repairability to extend usefulness, and help customers do the same.

While continually improving protocols in our own practice, we will also make discoveries from our work in laser and optics applications available for others building a sustainable future. Our ethics committee will help determine how new technologies might best aid transition to renewable resources and monitor health of environments on which we all depend. We understand that progress for the planet relies on advances shared beyond borders or sectors. So our research will remain open-source - cooperative, not competitive.

There are no easy fixes for challenges we face on a global scale, but business has a central role to play by decoupling growth from environmental damage. And as leaders of innovation, that obligation is paramount in light of both problems caused by certain technologies and promise of new tools for overcoming them. So we make this pledge as our covenant to stakeholders, employees and communities where we operate as well as those at risk from effects of climate change already unfolding even in lands far from our own. The future remains unwritten, and we shall help author it responsibly. To building that future for our shared planet, we re-commit today.
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