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CHLaser Company, established in 1998, is dedicated to designing and assembling the best quality laser equipment in China. It sticks to the first-level laser processing technology and makes sure all the components, materials and accessories are from top laser suppliers. With over 25 years of laser equipment production and application,  CH laser has accumulated rich experience in laser cutting, welding, marking and other laser applications. CH has also built a team of highly skilled professionals who are updating all the products based on the demands of clients all the time. Meanwhile, R&D is invested heavily so that our clients can always enjoy the best and most popular laser products. By partnering with CH Laser, you will take your business to new heights, increasing your manufacturing productivity and staying at forefront in laser field.
High Precisision
Laser Cutting Machine
Auto-Production Line
For Stator Core
Portable Laser Marking Desktop
Em-smart Nova
Laser Cutting Machine -  Cutting Electric Steel Laminations
Laser cutting maximizes the performance of electric steel components while minimizing fabrication time and costs compared to conventional mechanical cutting methods. The precision and flexibility enables electric device designers to fully utilize the properties of advanced electrical steel grades.
Mass Production of Stack Stators
Compared to conventional drives, electrified powertrains are heavily exposed to other operating conditions. For example, due to the high torques of the e-drives, direct stress is placed on the components, putting them under strain. Lasers make it possible to weld high-tensile steels with tear-resistant seams. Modulated laser welding opens up totally new areas of application, realizing further lightweight construction potential.
Laser Marking Desktop for Family Use
ideal applications include branding products, tools or parts with a company name/logo, creating serial numbers or QR codes for tracking, marking medical devices, personalized engraving for gifts or awards, micro-marking small components like circuit boards or tools, and much more. With flexible software controls, desktop laser marking enables a range of innovative branding and personalization capabilities for small businesses across many industries.
Application of Laser Processing
Chuangheng Laser's fiber laser systems enable high-precision, high-speed processing of metals:

Cutting - Achieve complex 2D and 3D geometries. Cut thin sheets down to 0.5mm stainless steel. Minimal HAZ for clean edges.

Welding - Deep penetration welds up to 30mm on mild steel. Low distortion and fine seams on thin gauges.

Cleaning - Highly controlled cleaning by removing coatings, oxides, contaminants and more from surfaces

Marking - Clear, permanent marks on tools, machine parts, automotive components.
Industries focusing on:

Automotive - Cutting, welding, and marking of steel and aluminum parts for vehicle bodies, batteries, drivetrains, chassis components, etc.

Jewelry - Fine and intricate cutting, welding, engraving of precious metals and stones.

Machine Building - Cutting, welding parts for CNC machines, robots, conveyor systems, rail cars.

Fiber lasers can process stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper, titanium, plastics, etc. They enable automated, high-quality processing for manufacturing.
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