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CX-CT6000 steel Pipe laser Cutting Machine
Pipe Types for Processing:
•Round pipe
•Rectangular pipe
•Elliptical pipe
•Angle steel
•Channel steel
•C-shaped steel
Materials for Processing:
•Carbon steel
•Stainless steel
•Galvanized materials, etc.

Product Introduction


ChuangHeng Laser Metal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine:
By directly importing three-dimensional graphics and using laser cutting technology, this machine can achieve seamless cutting, perforated cutting, square hole cutting and irregular graphic cutting of stainless steel tubes, steel tube products, aluminum alloy profiles and other materials. It can be matched with different power lasers to adapt to tubes of different wall thicknesses.
The laser processed parts have the following characteristics:
•No burrs
•No black edges
•Extremely high consistency for the same product size
The laser cutting machine has the following advantages:
•Fast cutting speed
•High production efficiency
•Long service life
•Simple operation
•No consumables and zero energy consumption when powered on
•Saves labor
•Environmentally friendly with zero pollution


  • High precision: Traditional pipe cutting uses manual methods, so there are differences in each cut section. Laser processing uses the same fixture system and programming software to complete the processing design, and completes multiple processes at once with high precision. Precision is crucial in modern manufacturing. Laser processing enables each part to have the same size.
  • Fast speed: The laser can cut several meters of pipe in minutes, hundreds of times faster than traditional manual methods. This means laser processing has high efficiency.
  • Flexibility: The laser can flexibly process various shapes, allowing designers to conduct complex designs that would be unimaginable under traditional processing methods.
  • Batch processing: The standard pipe length is 6 meters. Using traditional processing methods requires very heavy fixtures, while laser processing can easily complete the clamping of 6-meter long pipes in three positions, making batch processing possible.
  • Highly efficient and material saving: The laser pipe cutting machine uses special pipe cutting software with advanced core technologies for efficient cutting to effectively save materials and improve cutting efficiency.

Presentation of processed samples

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