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How to use the Rotary Marking Function of EM-Smart Laser Marking Machine? (Part 2)

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How to use the Rotary Marking Function of EM-Smart Laser Marking Machine?

There are a couple of rotary marking functions in the EZCAD software, such as AngleRotate, MultiFile Mark, RotaryMark, RotateTextMark, RingMark, SplitMark... each of which has its own purposes and applications.

In this video, we are going to teach you two of the above-mentioned rotary functions, RotateTextMark and SplitMark, the former for rotary marking of texts, the latter for rotary marking of vectors.

This is the Part 2: How to use the SplitMark of EM-Smart Laser Marking Machine?

P.S. The rotary marking function is compatible with EM-Smart Basic 1R and EM-Smart Basic 2R.

Step 1: Import the vector you'd like to mark into the EZCAD


Step 2: Change the size of the vector


Step 3: Change the direction of the vector using the shortcut key "Ctrl+Up/Down"


Step 4: Apply the hatch to fill the vector


Step 5: Change the marking parameters including "Speed", "Power", "Mark Loop", "Frequency", etc.


Step 6: Go to the menu and select "SplitMark" (P.S. there are several parameters you should understand: "Axix step" is the degree of rotation when you manually press "Ctrl+Up/Down" (You may use it when you need change a position for rotary marking); "Part Diameter" is the diameter of the cylindrical object you are going to mark (You can measure it with a vernier scale or even a ruler), checking the "Invert" will change the direction of your marking. "Continuous" and "Mark Selected" are just the same as normal plane marking.)


Step 7: Select "Enable" and "Y" for the "ID", and set the "Part Diameter" as 45mm (in this video, the diameter of the cup)


Step 8: Set the value of "Split Size" as "0.1"  (Split Size means how many portions the vector will be divided, the smaller the value, the finer the marking)


Step 9: You can preview the rotary marking by click "Light (F1)") of the "SplitMark" menu.


Step 10: Now you can start the rotary marking by clicking "Mark (F2)"


P.S. You can use a more powerful parameter or go a second loop if the first marking is not enough. Meanwhile, you can also watch this tutorial video on our YouTube channel.

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