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fiber laser marking machine CX-Q100C

• Applicable to metal and some non-metal material surface engraving.
• Non-contact processing does not corrode the work surface and causes no pollution.
• High electro-optical conversion rate, good beam quality, no consumables, and maintenance-free. Domestic brands of lasers with a long service life.

Product Introduction


CX-Q100C fiber laser marker:
It is mainly used for engraving on metal and some non-metal material surfaces. Fiber laser source and high-speed scanning galvanometer system to realize marking function. The fiber laser marker has high electro-optical conversion rate, non-contact processing, none corrosion of the workpiece surface, no pollution. High performance beam quality, no consumables, maintenance-free, stable laser source, long service life.


1. More powerful editing functions
Users can freely draw, design and create rectangles, circles, arcs, two-dimensional codes, barcodes and TrueType fonts. Support dot matrix two-dimensional codes.
2. Rich interface communication
Through many interfaces, CHLaser Mark software can be easily and conveniently integrated into existing production systems.
3. Easy positioning
Under red light preview, the position of the graphics can be adjusted in real time to achieve precise marking.
4. Faster marking
CHLaser Mark software combined with independently developed Ethernet motion control card can mark faster and realize fully customized functions to better meet customer needs. Equipment self-diagnosis, fast troubleshooting
By self-diagnosing the laser and galvanometer real-time working status, the cause of the failure can be quickly found, repaired in time to save customers time and reduce losses.
5. Laser power calibration
It can control the laser to emit light for a long time, which is convenient for testing the power of the laser.

Presentation of processed samples

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