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EM-Smart Launches Its U.S. Warehouse, Providing a Faster Delivery Experience for All North American Customers

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us warehouse

EM-Smart recently has taken a new step in cross-border e-commerce by officially launching "Overseas Warehouse Service".

Becoming an "advantage" for cross-border sellers in China, overseas warehouses are playing a more prominent role amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It also has the advantages of flexible and stable supply chain, which will enhance the responsiveness of Chinese enterprises to the demand of foreign consumers and the change of sales environment.

Cross-border e-commerce logistics mainly consists of seven procedures:

1. Pick-up 2, warehousing and sorting 3, domestic customs declaration 4, cross-border transportation 5, overseas customs clearance 6, warehousing and transit 7, overseas delivery.

The seller first stores the goods in overseas warehouses, and then sorts, packs and delivers them even on a large scale according to the order.

Compared with the disadvantages of traditional direct cross-border package, such as long waiting time, high breakage rate and congestion in peak season, overseas warehouses can easily avoid these problems and give overseas consumers a better logistics experience. The delivery from nearby in the destination country also greatly reduces the transportation time.

u.s. warehouse

EM-Smart officially opened its overseas warehouse service in the United States in May, 2022, and delivered the first batch of equipment. At present, it has realized the delivery from its U.S. warehouses after the order is generated, allowing customers to receive goods much faster than before.

This also provides a lot of convenience for EM-Smart users in North America. When users need a return and exchange, it can also be done locally, saving a lot of time for all EM-Smart users in the region.

About EM-Smart

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