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The worldwide mobility transition is in full swing. The demand for components for electric cars and alternative drives is rising continually. Particularly high-performance components directly involved in the production of batteries, electric motors and power electronics for electromobility are at the center. More and more companies, predominately automotive suppliers, are also demanding new manufacturing solutions and technologies for alternative drive concepts, including the the fuel cell and hair-pin eelectric motor. CHlaser provides in-depth advice to its customers and facilitates new procedures.

One of the core drive components is the electric motor. Our highly integrated and scalable stator core and busbar copper welding automation line are already in mass production of China E-dirve companies and play a decisive role in the quality of the contacting, thereby achieving the maximum possible range for the vehicle. Electrified drives have the advantage that the torque is available almost immediately. However, this does mean that the drive components must be able to withstand higher dynamic demands. For this reason, laser processes for high-tensile materials are an absolute must during production. CHlaser advises its customers on planned applications of all drive components and checks concrete application cases. Our lasers offer the precision and productivity required – even for high quantities. No matter which assembly it is – a differential, hairpin, busbar, stator core or its housing, rotor – laser processing makes the more compact design of electric drives possible in the first place.

Applications in the E-drive motor sector

Precision Cutting for Electric Steel Sheet

Laser Welding for E-motor Stator Core

Laser Welding for Skewed Slot Stator Core

Flat Copper Wire Insulation Ablating

Weld Beam Inspection by 3D Sensor

Automatic Laser Welding Line for Stator Core

CHlaser Offers Solutions for Different Scenarios of E-motor R&D and Mass Production

Compared to conventional drives, electrified powertrains are heavily exposed to other operating conditions. For example, due to the high torques of the e-drives, direct stress is placed on the components, putting them under strain. Lasers make it possible to weld high-tensile steels with tear-resistant seams. Modulated laser welding opens up totally new areas of application, realizing further lightweight construction potential.
Rapid Prototyping Solutions
Laser cutting and welding offer fast, precise, and cost-effective solutions for electric drive (e-drive) R&D. Laser technology enables rapid prototyping, high-quality joining of dissimilar metals, and compact machine sizes for cost savings. This accelerates the R&D timeline, reduces overhead costs, and contributes to the growth and success of the e-drive industry.
Solutions for Hairpin Motor
In order to prepare hairpin welding, CHlaser use fiber laser that ablate the layer of insulation, without damaging the copper wire underneath it. The procedure provides more precise and faster results than mechanical stripping processes, and intelligent sensor systems ensure precise seams and top quality when welding hairpins, that acheives high level of reproducibility of laser welding processes.

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01. March 2023
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We are one of the leading service providers for laser manufacturing solution in supply chain to China major electric-mobility plants.


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