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New model CX-6060L (Laser Cut Laminations for motors)

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Patented new model CX-6060L (Laser cutter laminations for motors)
CH Laser is a professional manufacturer for laser cutting machine.We design the model CX-6060L is a laser cutter specializing in the manufacturer of electrical laminates which include: laser cut laminations, motor laminations, generator laminations, stator laminations, and rotor laminations. A wide variety of materials can be laser cut up to a maximum size of five feet by ten feet. All machines are computer controlled so any shape can be laser cut.
Laser cutting is a quick and inexpensive option for motor core applications. Once the motor core is evaluated, a decision is made to replace the the motor laminations to bring the back the motor to an operational state. Downtime is critical to all businesses and Polaris can help facilitate and provide a speedy recovery.
As a manufacturer with 21 years working experience on laser field.We have many laser machines that can accomodate your needs. We have high speed lasers which are best suited for larger or thicker laminations. We also have small lasers which is best suited for close tolerances.

About quick&mature solution for laser cutting on electrical motors ,please send mail to david@chlaser.com to get fast reply today.