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Can laser welding machine weld carbon steel well

Date:2020-01-03 15:48 Write:admin Click:

We know that the laser welding machine  can weld a variety of metals, and the welding effect is very satisfactory. Can the laser welding machine  weld carbon steel? The answer is of course yes, but  it is required to pay attention to the following points when welding carbon steel with laser welding machine:

1. When carbon steel is welded by fiber laser welding machine, the carbon content (carbon equivalent) of the material should not exceed 0.2%. 
2. If the carbon equivalent exceeds 0.3%, the welding difficulty increases, the tendency of cold crack increases, and the brittle fracture tendency of the material under fatigue and low temperature conditions is also increased.
3. The joint design should consider certain shrinkage of the weld seam, it is beneficial to reduce the residual stress and crack tendency of the weld seam and heat affected zone.
4. When the material with carbon equivalent greater than 0.3% and the material with carbon equivalent less than 0.3% are welded together, the use of bias welding is beneficial to limit the transformation of marten