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What is laser marking machine

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What is laser marking Machine

The process of “laser marking” refers to the technique of marking or labeling materials and workpieces using a laser machine. Different applications may require different techniques, but engraving, staining, removing, annealing, and foaming are the most common marking methods. Each laser marking procedure will have its own unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on the materials being used and the quality requirement.

3 advantages of laser marking machine
High-precision marking at constant quality
Laser marking technology is ideal for producing high-precision results, and even the most delicate graphics such as small-scale shapes and 1-point fonts can be created with superior quality.

High marking speed
Laser marking machines are leaders within the industry, offering unparalleled processing speeds that are amongst the fastest on the market today. Designed with high productivity and cost reducing benefits in mind, laser systems offer solutions for nearly all materials and applications.  Furthermore, processing speeds can be greatly increased by utilizing a machine (e. g. galvo lasers) equipped with the proper laser source (e. g. fiber lasers or CO2 lasers) for the unique properties of your materials structure and size.

Durable marking
Laser etching is a permanent process that is resilient to acids, abrasion, and heat. Some materials can even be laser marked without surface damage if the proper parameter settings are utilized.  

Materials of laser marking machine
Aluminum, bronze, copper, gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel or titanium
ABS, polyamide, polycarbonate, PMMA or plastics with laser additives
Other materials
Foils and films, Laminates, Paints