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Can laser cutting machine make gloves

Date:2019-08-03 17:20 Write:admin Click:
In recent years, with the development of domestic laser technology, laser cutting technology has been widely applied to the textile and garment industry, and laser cutting machines have brought more design inspiration and processing convenience to glove production.

In the field of glove processing, the laser cutting machine can accurately and quickly cut a variety of soft fabrics such as mesh, leather, cloth, wool, cotton, chemical fiber, etc. Any graphics can be processed by software and processed by equipment. If you use the camera positioning laser cutting machine, you can cut the preset pattern along the edge of the fabric for the already woven and embroidered gloves. If you use a mirror laser cutting machine, you can use the mirroring function to accurately and quickly cut the symmetrical pattern of the glove, thereby improving material utilization and saving typesetting time. Do you feel that the laser cutting machine is like a "magic stick"? Boldly adopting modern laser cutting process

Open the door of cross-border integration, the glove changed from a practical one to a gorgeous party, delicate workmanship, exquisite laser cutting process, let the glove turn into a jewelry to decorate the hands. In the evolution of fashion trends, gloves have evolved into an object of noble taste, laser-cutting  fashionable gloves, and the finishing touches make winter dresses no longer dull and monotonous!

CH laser design a special Co2 laser cutting machine with professional laser cutting software, can cut a fashion gloves easily.We are happy to get your inquiry and willing to make free samples for you.