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5 Advantages to cut thin carbon steel

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At present, with the increasingly fierce competition in the laser processing industry, how to improve efficiency and reduce costs has become a concern of most users. Fiber laser cutting machine has become the mainstream of the market with the advantages of fast cutting speed, small material deformation and high processing precision. The application of high-power lasers has greatly improved the efficiency of laser processing. The ultimate cutting speed of thin plates has been able to challenge the control limits of mechanical properties, and the cutting process of medium and heavy plates is also constantly breaking through.
Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%, and generally contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and the like. In theory, the higher the carbon content of carbon steel, the greater the hardness and the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity. So what are the advantages of laser-cut carbon steel sheets?
A, good cutting quality
The cutting quality is good, the slit is small, the deformation is small, the cutting surface is smooth, flat and beautiful, and no subsequent treatment is needed;
B, cutting speed is fast 
Continuous and fast curve cutting function and shortest machining path optimization function, greatly improving work efficiency;
C, high stability
The output power of the device is stable, the laser has a long service life and is easy to maintain;
D, powerful software
It is free to design all kinds of graphics and texts for instant processing, flexible work, high efficiency, simple and convenient mechanical operation.
For carbon steel processing, the most important thing is to ensure the accuracy of the products, especially some hardware parts, because most of them are used in automobile ships, precision parts and household appliances. Second is the cost savings and benefits of fiber laser cutting machines. In today's increasingly scarce labor force, automated production has gradually become the mainstream of the processing industry, so laser equipment that can save labor but enhance efficiency is destined to become the focus of the market.

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