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6 Tips For A New Laser Cutter

Date:2019-08-01 11:14 Write:admin Click:
New laser cutting machine use precautions

When purchasing a laser cutting machine, users may be more concerned about the price of laser cutting machine, how to use it, how to achieve the ideal cutting speed, cutting effect, etc., but ignore what needs to be paid attention to when using the newly purchased equipment. In fact, there are still a lot of skills in using the new machine.

1. Choose equipment that is dry, ventilated, with good air quality and sufficient space. After the new machine is placed in the proper position, fix the equipment;

2. Although the newly purchased equipment is in the manufacturer's place, the relevant parameters are debugged and tested, but the new purchase will inevitably be bumped due to road transportation. Therefore, after the new machine is grounded, it needs to be re-commissioned on site;

3. When cutting with new equipment, try to avoid cutting the cutting speed to the limit;

4. Almost all equipment supports 24-hour continuous operation, but during the operation of the new machine, try to avoid 24-hour overload cutting in order to catch up with the capacity. This is not only suitable for new machine use skills, but also for subsequent cutting work. The same applies to

5. After the equipment arrives at the factory, there are professional after-sales engineers to carry out training on equipment operation. Be sure to pay attention to it and pay attention to some precautions for operation to avoid machine failure caused by improper operation in a short time.

6. In the event of equipment failure, communicate with the manufacturer's after-sales in a timely manner, this will be a good choice to get professional assistance.
Finally, the newly purchased laser cutting machine must pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance to achieve the maximum use value of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.