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High precision Laser cutter laminations for motors

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Summarizing the annual report of each laser company in 2018, we can see that the growth rate of the fiber laser market has slowed down, but the shipment of fiber laser products has been greatly improved.
In the past year, the term “10kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine” has made the company all the best. Each company has successively launched its own 10,000-watt fiber laser cutting machine to jointly promote the industrial industry to a new level. In addition to the power changes, fiber laser cutting machines have also undergone many changes in structure.
Fiber laser cutting machines can be divided into two types according to the structure: cantilever type and gantry type. When the cantilever type is processed, the screen tube does not move, the laser cutting head moves to cut the work piece, and the gantry type is driven by the screen tube. Cantilever beams have many loads, are prone to deformation, and are slower, so they are gradually replaced by relatively better gantry structures.
The gantry structure is divided into two forms: double drive and single drive. As the name suggests, the double-drive gantry type is a double-sided drive to complete the cutting, the transmission force is larger, the cutting is more stable, the reliability is higher, the precision is higher, the beam can be evenly stressed, and the deformation is not easy, so that it is more durable. However, the single-drive gantry type will result in poor cutting accuracy and poor dynamic performance due to uneven force at both ends.
Although the double-drive gantry type is more expensive than the single-drive, more manufacturers are more willing to produce a double-drive gantry-type laser cutting machine to obtain a good product reputation and product value. Therefore, the gantry-type double-drive fiber laser cutting machine has become the mainstream model. With the increasing investment in the research and development of domestic laser manufacturers, it is believed that it will not take long for high-quality high-power fiber laser cutting opportunities with independent technology to bloom.
CH LASER spent 3 years to develop a special small-format cutting machine for the motor core industry, using marble gantry structure, double-drive linear motor control, cutting thickness of electrical steel from 0.2-0.8mm, repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0.005 Mm. It has been put into production by major motor factories in China, and its performance is stable. It is the best choice for electric motor stator and rotor proofing. We currently provide free lamination samples service, please contact  david@chlaser.com