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How to select the suitable laser cleaning machine?

Date:2019-06-27 15:30 Write:admin Click:

Laser cleaning machine is using high-energy laser beam to irradiate the  surface materials of the workpieces, so that the rust, dirt, painting  or coatings on  the surface can evaporate or peel off instantaneously  to achieve the cleaning purpose.
When you select a laser cleaning machine,there are 2 important attentions:

Cleaning efficiency:you can send some photos of the commodity that needs to be cleaned to us, and tell us your cleaning materials,thickness,cleaning efficiency demands. and we will suggest you the suitable solution to you.
If you choose a wrong laser cleaning machine,it may have no cleaning efficiency and waste your money.
Cannot hurt the substrate material:when you choose a laser cleaning machine, the most important thing is laser cleaning machine cannot hurt the substrate material.
For example,laser cleaning machines are widely used in cleaning mould industry, if the laser cleaning machine damage or hurt the substrate material of mould,the customers will suffer a lot. 
CH Laser cleaning machines adopt specially designed laser source and optical system for cleaning,with the laser beam homogenization treatment technology,it will not hurt the substrate material.
Please note: there are some suppliers just adopt common laser source with lower price,it may can clean but will damage the substrate material.