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CH Laser marking machine increase the added value

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CH Laser is a professional CHINA Laser equipment manufacturer and one-stop solutions provider with 21 years of R&D experience.
Our main productions includes:laser marking machines,laser cutting machines,laser welding machines ,laser cleaning machines and non-standard laser equipments to satisfy different demands of the customers.
Laser marking machine equipments can lower the cost and improve the value of your productions.
Laser marking machines can mark the logo, text, numbers, date,2 dimensional bar code, photos,and colors etc.
With the logo marked on, your productions are anti-fake. It will increase the added value of your productions, and you can sell at a higher price.
The laser marking machine can mark on any text and photos on your productions,you can provide customized services and make your productions more popular.
After marking the 2D code, your productions are traceability,can enter higher class market.

For example,one customer bought our MOPA laser marking machine for marking color logos and color photos on the stainless steel plate. The customer provide marking services for high class hotels. The customer mark color photos on the steel dinner ware at the price of  1 to 5 USD for 1 PCS and get many orders, in 2 month ,he get back the cost of the laser marking machine. From the 3nd month ,he earn the net profit and get more orders.
CH LASER marking machine can improve the added value of your productions, it is not your cost,but your cost effective investment.