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Your goods is packed well for shippment!

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During the sea transport,the package is very important.

Since the inner temperature of the container can reach 50-60 ℃ during the shipment under the sun,the sea wave and humidity can cause the goods to be damp.The shock of the sea wave will cause the goods shock heavily,so it must be fixed well during the ship.

If the goods was not packed well, it may become moldy on arrival because of heat and sweat during transit.

To make sure you can receive your goods without any problem,CH LASER will pack your goods very carefully. The goods are packed by plastic transparent film,aluminum-plastic package,plastic film fixed by high strength nylon bandage, and packed by high strength plywood box.

The moisture-proof, dust-proof ,anti high temperature,shock-proof package of CH LASER meets requirements of long distance transport and storage.