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2019 best seller:model C laser marking machine

Date:2019-03-25 17:32 Write:admin Click:

Model C fiber laser marking machine is the best seller of CH Laser, the sales volume is more than 1000 units in China and the international market.It is most popular fiber laser marking machine  in 2019 for its high quality and good reputation.

Model C laser marking machine is patent right production of CH LASER, it is with top configure:Raycus laser source, Sino-Galvo scanner and Nanjing Wavelength lens.

It is with double red light guide to find the focus,and 4 electrical air cooling fan which can make the machine work very stable for long workingtime.

Model C fiber laser marking machine is very widely used in many industries, it can mark on all metal materials and some non-metal materials,such as ABS,PVC,PPR.