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The advantages of laser processing

Date:2019-03-18 17:31 Write:admin Click:
The laser beam can focus on very small size, and it is especially suitable for precision processing.

The advantages of laser processing:
1.Wide application: laser precision processing has a wide range of objects, including almost all metal materials. It is suitable for sintering, drilling, marking, cutting and welding
2. High-speed and fast: High processing speed, processing cycle is shorter than other methods.
3. Safety and reliability: Laser precision processing belongs to non-contact processing, which does not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to materials. Its heat affected zone and deformation are very small, so it can process very small parts.
4. Low cost and no consumable materials,it can greatly reduce the production cost of.
5.The cutting seam is small: the laser cutting seam is usually 0.1-0.2 mm.
6. Smooth cutting surface: laser cutting surface without burrs.
7.Small thermal deformation: laser cutting is thin, fast and energy-intensive, so the heat transferred to the material being cut is small and the deformation of the material is very small.