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Why should you choose CH LASER?

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Wuhan ChuangHeng Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Wuhan City, which is the technical and manufacturing center of China laser industry.

The main production of CH LASER includes: laser marking machines,laser cutting machines, laser welding machines ,laser cleaning machines and other non-standard customized  laser equipments. CH LASER is one-stop laser equipments and solution provider, it is your reliable partner.

CH LASER has got CE ,RoHS, ISO9001 certificate and FDA accession number. The productions of CH LASER has been exported to the market  all over the world.

CH Laser is the strategic partner of Raycus, which is China top 1 brand laser source supplier.

CH LASER is a factory manufacturer of laser equipments with 21 years of history,with rich experience in laser equipments manufacturing and laser processing.

CH LASER always insist high quality with competitive price and excellent services,and has won great reputation from the customers.

In the year of 2019, CH LASER will have more new productions with better price to provide to our customers,welcome to cooperate with us.