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Best seller:glasses frame laser welding machine

Date:2019-02-25 17:52 Write:admin Click:
Nowadays, pulsed laser welding machines are mostly used in the glasses welding market. The CX-CE continuous fiber laser welding machine launched by ChuangHeng Laser has greatly improved the overall processing efficiency and welding effect.

It is very popular among the market now, for its high welding efficiency,perfect marking effect and low consumption.

Main advantages:
1. High welding efficiency. The equipment adopts continuous fiber laser source, with better optical mode and high peak power. Compared with the traditional pulse welding method, the welding efficiency improves 50%.
2. Perfect welding effect. Laser welding is smooth and fine, saving later grinding and plating process. High end products can be customized and can improve the added value of products;
3.Maintenance free.:Optical fiber laser transmission, the whole equipment is maintenance-free;
4. Low energy consumption: the rated power of the equipment is 2KW, and the overall power consumption is 50% less than the lamp pump.
5. Small size: the overall size of the equipment is 760 * 1078 * 1017 mm, compact and space-saving.