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CH LASER:20th Anniversary Celebration

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CH LASER is established in the year of 1998, now it is a trademark with 20 years of history.  The main productions of CH LASER includes:laser marking machines, laser cutting machines ,laser welding machines ,laser cleaning machines and non standard laser equipments. CH LASER  also means CHina LASER, devote to be the leading manufactuer of China laser equipment industry.

In the 20th Anniversary Celebration,the founder of Raycus Laser,  the CEO of Sino-Galvo, other top brand laser companies and many customers of CH Laser attended the celebration together.

The CEO of CH LASER Mr Wei introduced the history of CH LASER, and was grateful for all the support and trust from all our staff ,customers, suppliers and partners.

The founder of Raycus,Doctor Li made a speech of the cooperation between Raycus and CH LASER, he said Raycus and CH Laser will have further strategic cooperation. Rayucs is the top brand of laser source in China,and it is the strategic partner of CH LASER for many years.

The CEO of Sino-Galvo offered his congratulations to CH LASER,and will have further  and better cooperation with CH LASER. Sino—Galvo is China top brand scanner manufacturer, and the strategic partner of CH LASER.

With grateful heart to our customers, we celebrate with our first customer. The old expert is the 1st customer of CH LASER in the year of 1998.Thanks for all our customers’ trust and support!

In the year of 2019, CH LASER will provide more competitive high quality laser productions with excellent services. CH LASER for China LASER, is your reliable partner!