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CH Laser in the exhibition of 2018

Date:2018-04-16 13:33 Write:admin Click:
In the year of 2018, CH Laser attended  many exhibitIons, and won many orders and great reputation.

Our laser marking machine, laser cutting machine and laser welding machine attracts customers from home and abroad.

Our productions always can attract many customers to visit.

Foreign customers is operating the laser marking machine, since our prodcutions is very easy to operate.

Our salesman is marking samples for visitors.

This customer is  very interested in our laser welding machine.

Foreign customers from different countries are learning how to use the laser marking machine.

High precision  laser cutting samples by our most popular high precision fiber laser cutting machine 6040. 
0.3mm hole size, o.2m space, 1050 pcs of holes.

The customers from Russia is shocked by the high precision laser cutting samples.

Our most popular high precision laser cutting machine. It has high precision and high speed, very popular and competitive in the market.

The robot laser welding machine attracts many customers.

Customers are using the laser cleaning machine to clean the dust.

Our fiber laser marking machine ready for shippment abroad, our Model C laser marking machine is our patented produciton, and it is very popular among the world market.