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How to select laser marking machine? Why choosing CH Laser?

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How to select laser marking machine?

1.What materials do you want to mark on? Metal or non-metal materials or both?

Fiber laser marking machine can mark all metal materials and some non-metal materials.

If you want to mark on stainless steel, cooper,gold, silver,IC,PVC,ABS plastic,hardware,cookware and etc, you can choose fiber laser marking machine.

If you want to mark on clothes, glasses, optical lens, you can choose CO2 laser marking machine or UV laser marking machine.

2.If you want to know the marking results on your producitons, you can send us samples for testing, we will mark according to your demands, and take video and photos to show you the marking resultes for free.

3.What's the most important part of a laser marking machine?

For a laser marking machine,the most important spare parts of a laser marking machine is the laser source and galvanometer, it is the heart and brain of laser marking machine.

4.If you are afraid that you or your worker cannot operate the laser marking machine, we will send you the guide video with English explanation, you will find it is very easy to use and operate the machine. We also provide free training.

5.For the after-sales service:some company provide one year of warranty, we provide 2 years of warranty,because the quality of our fiber laser marking machine is high, 10000 hours free maintenance.

6.You should choose a reliable supplier:some factory and exporting company just exist for serval years, you should choose a company with long history, it is more reliable, With18 years of manufacturing laser marking experience, CH Laser is your reliable partner.

Why choosing CH Laser?

1.Wuhan ChuangHeng Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in 
Wuhan, which is the manufacturing and technical center of China laser industry, the sales volume of CH fiber laser marking machine is in the top bank in Wuhan, for the production of CH Laser is high quality and best price.

2.In the year of 2015, the sales volume of CH Laser is the top rank in China.After moving to the new big manufacturing zone, CH Laser becomes one of the biggest laser equiment manufacturers in China.

3.Scale production capacity enables us to complete your orders very fast.

4.The customers of CH Laser enjoy  cost effective high quality productions and excellent services.

In the new year of 2016, there will be a greater future for CH Laser. We will have several new competitive productions to be on market, welcome to join CH Laser.