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  • 4 Applications Of Laser Cleaning


    CH Laser Cleaning System was designed for rust removal .The number of laser cleaning applications is growing exponentially. Every day new possibilities are discovered and explored. From the classical rust removal to the restoration of natural stone bu...

  • Newest 3D laser marking machine


    CH laser has the industry's first-class 3D marking technology, which can achieve laser marking on curved workpieces more accurately, without defocusing during processing, even for complex surfaces. Through the self-developed 3D dynamic laser marking c...

  • The MOPA laser marking with colors


    Laser marking machine is becoming more and more common in life, beverage bottles, animal ear tags, auto parts QR code marking, 3C electronic marking and so on. Marking is most common in black, but what many people don't know is that lasers can also ma...

  • Laser welding in the field of automotive parts


    As society demands more energy-saving, emission reduction and safety for automobiles, automakers are looking for lightweight manufacturing technologies for automobiles and changing traditional parts packaging technologies. Plastic laser welding Head w...

  • 10 Applications Of Laser Welding


    LAt present, laser welding equipment has penetrated into our lives and has become more and more widely used, especially in many industries, gradually replacing traditional welding methods. The industry applications of laser welding machines are as fol...

  • The 10 Advantages Of Laser Welding


    hand held laser welding machine ...