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  • What is motor lamination by laser cutting machine


    Electrical steel, also known as: lamination steel, silicon electrical steel, silicon steel, core plate steel, C5 core plate, or transformer steel. We designed CX-6060L laser cutting machine with 700W IPG laser ,professional on Motor Laminations,St...

  • 6 advantages of laser cleaning machine


    Laser Cleaning techniques are often used in the treatment of industrial production, ancient artifacts and art protection, and even dental diseases. In the process of electroplating, phosphating, spraying, welding, packaging and integrated circuit asse...

  • 8 industries for laser cutting machines


    Laser cutting processing replaces traditional mechanical knives with invisible beams. It has high precision, fast cutting, is not limited to cutting pattern limitation, saves materials by automatic typesetting, smooth cuts, low processing cost, etc., ...

  • Precision laser cutting machining has remarkable features


    (1) Wide range: Laser precision machining has a wide range of objects, including almost all metal materials and non-metal materials; suitable for sintering, punching, marking, cutting, welding, surface modification and chemical vapor deposition of mat...

  • 5 advantages of laser cutting method


    Advantages of laser cutting 01 cutting speed Its cutting speed is 2 to 4 times that of the conventional process. About 13 m / min. 02 cutting precision Cutting positioning accuracy of about 0.03mm, can meet most of the precision machining needs. ...

  • How laser cutting used on Shipbuilding industry


    At present, the ship industry hull plate parts are mainly cut by flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing and laser cutting. Other cutting methods have many deficiencies compared to laser cutting, such as flame cutting and plasma cutting slit width, po...