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  • Why laser welding is better than TIG


    Laser welding enables the quality and consistency of welding to be readily controlled and consistently maintained.  Since the laser head makes no contact with the work piece and there is no electrode which can become worn, eroded or damaged there is ...

  • Useful tips on laser engraving


    . Some engraving suggestions on solid wood and hardwood? When carving hardwood, we recommend covering the surface of the wood to reduce the infiltration of residue into the engraving area and to be easy to clean. Use the "bottom to top" engrav...

  • What is laser marking machine


    Laser marking machines are leaders within the industry, offering unparalleled processing speeds that are amongst the fastest on the market today. Designed with high productivity and cost reducing benefits in mind, laser systems offer solutions for ne...

  • 3 kinds of metal laser marking


    fiber laser marking, laser marking machine,CO2 laser marking machine...

  • 5 Tips to choose laser marking machine


    laser marking machine,fiber laser marking machine,Co2 laser marking machine...

  • 4 Applications Of Laser Cleaning


    CH Laser Cleaning System was designed for rust removal .The number of laser cleaning applications is growing exponentially. Every day new possibilities are discovered and explored. From the classical rust removal to the restoration of natural stone bu...