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UV Laser marking machine

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                                  CX-UV UV laser marking machine is mainly used in its high-efficiency laser beam. It is mainly used in the high-end market
                                  of ultra-fine processing. It can mark or cut non-metallic materials such as metal, plastic and glass. , electronic and
                                  electrical enclosures, automotive parts marking, glass processing, medical equipment and engineering plastics and other fields.


                                                       1.The laser beam quality is superior, bringing users almost perfect marking effect
                                                       2.Metal or non-metal materials can absorb UV laser, so the application range is wider
                                                       3. Fully sealed structure, CE certification, to avoid personal injury caused by equipment operator misuse
                                                       4.Marking content: text, data, batch number, serial number, QR code, barcode, pattern and real time, etc.,
                                                          and the text is too small,the depth is adjustable

                                                        Product specification

 Parameter name  Parameter value
 Max. Laser power  4W
 Laser Wavelength   355nm
 Marking Area  110 x 110mm
 Marking speed  ≤7000mm/s
 Marking depth  ≤0.5mm
 Min Linear Width  0.004mm
 Min character  0.2mm
 Repeptition Accuracy  ±0.01mm
 Power supply  220V/single phase/50HZ

                                                                     1 Can mark all metals and a great many of non-metal materials.
                                                                     2 Suitable for applications that requires high precision and accuracy in depth markings. 
                                                                     3 3W UV Laser Marking Machine are mainly applied in ceramic cutting, scribing and marking,
                                                                        and material micromachining, laser rapid prototyping,FPCB cutting, flexible PCB marking and
                                                                        scribing, removal of metal and non-metal coating, processing of silicon wafers' millipores
                                                                        and dead holes.