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CX-Q100 Series Handheld Portable Laser Marking Machine

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Production introduction:

CX-Q100 series handheld portable laser marking machine, small size and portable, can be used as ordinary laser marking machine, can also handheld laser head for operation. Handheld laser marking machine can mark on big spare parts in any direction, solve the marking difficulties of big parts. It is with good beam quality, high efficiency, long life (average life of 100,000 hours), maintenance-free, small size, no consumable materials, air-cooled, low energy consumption, almost no operating costs.

Production features:

    ♦ 1. It is especially suitable for marking big size or heavy weight workpieces. 

    ♦ 2. Integrated modular design, easy maintenance and small size.

    ♦ 3. All-fiber laser structure design ensures the high reliability, no need of any collimation adjustment.
    ♦ 4. Long lifetime, small size, no need of water cooling system, only needs air cooling.
    ♦ 5.Can work in vibration, high temperature or dust and other harsh environment.
    ♦ 6. Processing speed is 2-3 times of the traditional laser marking machine, excellent beam quality, small spot, marking line width is very narrow,suitable for high precision marking.
    ♦ 7.Low cost, energy saving and energy saving, the whole machine power is only 500W. Compared with lamp pump and
semiconductor laser marking machines, the annual electricity cost can be much lower.
    ♦ 8. Integrated design of the system makes it more convenient for customers to use and provides ideal solutions for various
industrial applications.

Compared with inkjet printer:

At present, most of the online marking methods are ink-jet printer. The inkjet method has some unavoidable disadvantages:

     1.  Inkjet content is easy to be altered and worn.
    2. The consumption of ink is big and the cost of operation is high.
    3.  In high temperature and Summer, the inkjet machine is easy to jam.
    4.  Big pollution to the working environment.

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  Parameter name   Parameter value
  Average output power   10W/20W/30W/50W(optional)
  Laser Wavelength   1064nm
  Making Area   110mm×110mm(optional)
  Marking Depth   ≤0.5mm
  Marking Speed   ≤7000mm/s
  Min Linear Width   0.01mm
  Min Character   0.2mm
  Repeptition Accuracy   ±0.01mm
  Machine consumption   ≤200W
  Power Supply   220V/50HZ

Industry application

Fiber laser marking machine can be widely used for marking pipe, container, board, pallet, material box, big size objects, hardware tools, cutting tools, kitchen utensils, plastic products, computer keyboards, metal accessories, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles ,cans, spectacle holders, sanitary ware faucets and other products.
The logo is clear and will never disappear. No need of constant temperature, humidity and water cooling machine. Low consumables and easy maintenance.  Easy software operation, small size, light weight , conveniently installed on the production line for on-line marking.

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