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Fiber laser marking machine(All-closed cabinet)

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                                               1 Stable performance.
                                               2 Double rotary working station.
                                               3 Perfect  isolated cabinet.
                                               4 Unique "V" shaped laser cavity, higher beam quality in the same power output.
                                               5 Straight cavity semiconductor model dedicated to production lines and automated production line equipment.
                                               6 Higher Laser quality (M2 <1 6), smaller spot, intensified energy.
                                               7 Maintenance-free designing, requires no consumables, longer average failure-free working (over 100, 000 hours).
                                               8 Red light positioning system, easy to operate. 
                                               9 Improved cooling system, smaller size, and better effect.


Application Laser Marking/Engraving
Laser Type Fiber laser
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Dimension 870*1170*1900 (mm)
Gross Weight 650 KG
Trouble-free working hours >100000 

1、Can mark all metals and a great many of non-metal materials.
2 、Suitable for applications that requires high precision and accuracy in depth markings. 
                      3 、Widely used in electrical components, integrated chips(IC), electric appliance, communication equipments, tools,
   precise machinery, glass frames, clocks and watches, accessories, automotive accessories, plastic buttons, construction material,
packaging, PVC pipes andmedical instrument processing and manufacturing.