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3015 laser cutting machine

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High efficiency laser cutting system: for cutting 0.5-20mm carbon steel, 0.5-10 mm stainless steel.
Smooth cutting edge.

1, whole machine is within the cabinet, reducing the laser radiation.
2, high and low worktable exchange, saving the load-unload materials time.
3, intelligent automatic refueling device, extending the life of transmission parts.
4, imported transmission device , improving the work efficiency.

Cutting materials: Carbon steel/ stainless steel/ galvanized steel/electrolytic galvanized steel/sillicon steel/alloy/brass/red copper/titanium sheet/spring steel/nicket titanium alloy/chromium nicket iron alloy/titanium alloy.


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 Rated output power  Optional
 Working area (length x width)  3000mmx1500mm
 X Y Z axis position accuracy  ±0.05mm
 X Y Z repetition accuracy  ±0.03mm
 X Y axis max position speed  120m/min
 X Y axis max acceleration  1.5G
 Notch gap width  0.1-0.3 mm
 Cutting accuracy   ±0.1mm
 Min setting unit  0.001mm
 Installed capacity  45KVA
 Rated voltage  380V
 Continuous working time   24 hours
 Frequency   50/60Hz

Application Materials: Fiber laser cutting equipment is suitable for metal metal cutting such as stainless steel sheet, carbon steel sheet, alloy steel plate, copper steet, gold plate,sliver plate, titanum plate, steel sheet, tubes and pipes etc.


Application Industries: Jewelry, kitchen ware, chassis and cabinet, metal pipe, lamp & lanterns, metal ware, hardware, precision machinery, auto parts, elevator, nameplate, advertisement, eyes glasses, electrical appliance, electronics, micro-electronics, toys and other industries.