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CX-CC3015FC fully closed type fiber laser cutting machine

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The laser cutting machine  adopts international technology,with international level performance,extremely stable and reliable.
More than 90% of the main configuration adopts famous brands from home and abroad. The laser source, cutting head, drive system, automatic nesting programming software and other core components are from top suppliers from home and abroad.
This product has double drive, high precision, high response, stable movement, small thermal deformation, narrow slit, smooth cutting surface, good cutting quality, fast cutting speed, low noise, no pollution, no secondary processing, no damage to the workpieces, not affected by the hardness of the material being cut, saving materials, saving the mould investment, can improve the speed of new product development, easy to realize automatic cutting, and many other characteristic.

Product Dimension

Product advantages
(1) Fully enclosed design, conforming to European CE standard, safe and reliable
(2) Mobile gantry  structure machine tool,keep stable and safety for a long time.
(3) Satisfy the requirements of high-speed movement, design and manufacture of welded bed with two practical treatments to ensure the accuracy and stability of long-term operation of the bed.
(4) The machine tool adopts Japanese large torque servo motor and driver, which has high precision, large torque, stable and reliable performance.

Parameter Name Parameter Value Parameter Name Parameter Value
Cutting size 3000mmx1500mm Rated output power 500-12000W
X axis travel 3100mm  Max cutting speed 20m/min
Y axis travel 1525mm Cutting precision ±0.1mm
Z axis travel 140mm Min setting unit 0.001mm
X/Y positioning accuracy ±0.05mm Max load weight 600kg
X Y repeated positioning precision ±0.03mm Power rated voltage 380V 50HZ
X Y axis max positioning speed 36m/min Self weight ≤8000kg
X Y axis max acceleration 0.3 G

Application industries:

Application materials:
Mainly applicable to the rapid cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized steel, various alloy plates, rare metals and other materials.